My son’s Eagle Project

As I sit here typing this I still can't believe that my son is at the point in his journey as a scout to making the highest rank of Eagle Scout. It seems just like yesterday he was attending his first Cub Scout meeting as a Bear. Over the years I have been amazed at... Continue Reading →


Frosted Mornings

Frost Forms The weather here in Pa has finally started to warm up and signs of spring are appearing but the warm days and colder nights have had us waking up to a frost covering. Have you ever taken the time to look closely at frost? I never did until I got a camera in... Continue Reading →

Ice Sculptures

Precipitation and Ice Formations    I know it has been officially Spring here in Pennsylvania but it still doesn't seem like the weather quite knows it yet. It's been fluctuating along warm with rain or cold with snow and anywhere in between, so I don't feel so bad sharing more Winter pictures! 🙂  Winter doesn't... Continue Reading →

Snow/Snowflakes Up Close

Unique As A Snowflake! I'm sure you've heard the poem titled "Unique As A Snowflake" that is often used on cards and gifts for someone special that goes like this.... "Like a beautiful snowflake, you’re one of a kind. A fantastic _______ to behold, an exceptional find. (fill in the blank) Here’s hoping your holidays... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

A Peaceful Landscape I love to take the time and enjoy the blessings found with in each of the seasons, but Winter seems to be the hardest for me to enjoy. Especially this year in particular with the low temperatures, high winds and tons of ice! I think I'd enjoy it much more if it... Continue Reading →

A Full Moon

​ I was sitting on my porch last night enjoying the soft breeze as it gently tussled with the trees and listening as night sounds sang me a sweet lullaby when I noticed how the full moon was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. It’s silvery glow would illuminate everything around me as it would peek from behind the... Continue Reading →

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